stylized heads

Even though the creation of this head started as a joke, I am really happy with how it turned out. It was my first stab at realism and even though I didn’t even come close to something realistic, I learned a lot about anatomy and learned some handy techniques.

This is an old fisherman I made. It was the first time polypainting, I looked at a lot of real skin for reference. I am happy with the result I was able to get!

The idea behind this goblin was to exaggerate the bones and the lines in his face. It was mostly for fun. I made this in three hours.

This head was created in under 3 hours. It is not a perfect sculpt, but I can see my growth if I compare it to other heads I have done in the past.

I made this wizard in about 30 minutes, as a warmup sculpt. 

This is the best stylized female head I have made until now. Sadly I never had the time to fully finish it.